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Writer's Block: More Island Time

Mar. 3rd, 2009 | 02:28 pm
location: Work
mood: blank blank
music: Stupid B101

You're packing your bag for that other desert island—the one with no electricity—what 5 books do you take with you?

Marley & Me
Fruits Basket 14
Love Hina 13?
Sai's Story 3
As If


Feb. 28th, 2009 | 11:06 am
location: Rae Rae's house!
mood: hungry hungry

Wow....I can't believe this still exists lol.

Okay update....
Still at the house, Radar is 2 years old (our puppy). Bill is working at Primavera Systems in Bala Cynwyd and I am working with the Phil Flyers, Sixers, Phantoms, aka Comcast Spectacor down at the Wachovia Spectrum in Phila.

I think thats it.....lol

Over due update

Jul. 5th, 2007 | 09:11 am
location: Home
mood: content content

Oh my...it certainly has been a while since Ive updated this...at least over a year I'm sure. So let's see....well Bill and I are still together, it was 5 years this pass January. Last may we got our own apartment with Aaron and Erin. That was fun..though during the summer I lived at home with my mom. With no car it made it near impossible to get a job around the apartment. So I worked all summer at the King Of Prussia mall. That in it self was an interesting summer. Finally I moved up in August. November Bill decided that he wanted a house so ...he bought a house. We moved to Willow Grove in December. A week later we got a puppy ^^ hes the cutest. He's a westie, about 6 months old. This past may Bill and I graduated from Gwynedd Mercy. Right now he's working 2 full time jobs and I'm working one. The job market really sucks. I'm still trying to find a better job so bill can work just one job. Mom is doing okay...she is going into surgery again next week for her knees. This should be it for a while. In August Bill and I are taking our first vacation together (well first in 5 years). Were going camping up in Lancaster so were really really excited about that.

Well I think I got it all. I wonder if anyone even still has me listed as a friend...oh well if they do now they know what I'm up to. Well I'm off to work

(no subject)

Jun. 27th, 2006 | 12:30 am
mood: sore sore

Ok lets see, been home for about 2 weeks. I got an A in Finance, Sooo happy. Looks like I'll be working at TR but at the King Of Prussia location. I went back to Springfield but this summer Katie is there, so theres not many hours for me. I had some hours and i'll be working there on the 4th of July. I told John (my mgr at KoP) that I would like to alternate between the two. I got a refund check from school, it really helps too because im putting it away for the apartment. But I still need to work to have money for other things.

Friday I got to hang out with Bill, Nia and Nell. It was nice. We rented movies but never watched them lol we talked soo much we lost track of time. It was nice hanging out with Nell, I dont get to see her that often. Next week Im going up to Ann's and Im bringing Nia with me. My mom will be gone for a lil while, so I figured why not go for a night and bring Nia along.

Oh I got rreally bad sunburn. I went walking up to Macdade Blvd, down to Oak, then to Delmar Shopping Center and then home. Took me about an hour and 1/2. I got burned on my back. THe past 2 nights I havent been able to sleep. Tomrrow I dont have to leave til 11, so I can sleep in a bit more.

Ok I think Ive updated enough. Everything's doing pretty well. Right now all I gotta worry about is making sure I can get hours at both stores.

(no subject)

Jun. 11th, 2006 | 09:50 pm
mood: bored bored

Its my last week at school til August. This sucks because my summer is starting late and ending early. I have my final this week. One day I have to help people move in which should be fun. Thursday Im at laura's office all day. And at some point i have to schedule my next driving lesson.

Last night was fun. Bill took me driving down at Vo-tech to practice my turning and parking. There was one guy riding an ATV but he stopped by the time I started driving around. I feel a little more confident on my turning. Im hoping we can do this every week that would be helpful. And when I get home I need to renew my permit because Im not ready for my test yet. Then after practicing we went to dinner. We havent done that in a while, I enjoyed it. Then we went through the car wash. OMG I giggled so much, I was so amused at the car wash. We hung out at his place til he had to leave for work. All in all it was a nice evening.

Not this week but the week after I will probably start back at the store. Im going to see if I can get consistent hours at the G Run store. Im not sure I'll be able to so I might just have to go somewhere else for a second job. Im thinking waitressing because I'll get fast money that way.

Well I thnk thats all for now.

(no subject)

May. 30th, 2006 | 08:14 pm
mood: moody moody

This weekend was ok. I stayed over the apartment. Bill went home since it was his birthday so I didnt get to spend real time with him that I wanted. I did work on my paper a little. Sunday I went to a barbecue with Aaron and Erin to Aarons parents. Bill wouldnt get up so he didnt go. Monday Erin and I went to the pool, it was nice just alot of kids. Then me and Bill were supposed to go out and get a dinner and a movie. I didnt think we would because he wouldnt have gotten that much sleep. I was right cause he didnt get up. I was kinda bummed because I wanted to do something with him, and he said he would get up and didnt. But oh well maybe next time. In the mean time my legs were so sunburned they really hurt. So I was pretty grumpy last nite. Today I went to the gym but didnt stay long because my legs hurt. I had work which was so boring. I had nothing to do.

Driving Lesson!!!!
Ok so at for the dude Neal came and made me get in the driver side right away. I drived the whole time. OMG I couldnt beleive it, he had me go on 202 I actually drove by my sisters house. We went all over the place it was amazing. He said I need 2 or 3 more lessons before I take my test. He also said if I can practice in between that would be good. So Im hoping I can practice on Bill's car a little.

This weekend Im at the apartment but not the whole time. Saturday were going to Sara's Graduation party. Sunday at some point I need to go home, then monday Im coming back. I want to start bringing stuff home and to the apartment. Get ready to move out of this stupid dorm room.

Ugh cant I have one day or nite where I can relax with Bill and not have to worry about getting up or doing something.

(no subject)

May. 23rd, 2006 | 09:26 pm
mood: relaxed relaxed

Im bored. Tonite I think is the first nite Ive been bored. Thank god this weekend i'll be at the apartment, I'll probably stay til tuesday morning because I dont have class or work on monday. I can catch up on my Full Metal Alchemist ^_^. Bill supposed to go home today to get my stuff, the only important thing I need are my checks and I know he didnt go home yet >_<. I'll call the school tomorrow to see if they can take cash just in case.

Next Tuesday I have my first driving lesson, Im so excited :D. I cant wait. The lesson is for 2 hours. And they for my test they take me out for a warm up before my test. So what Im hoping for is 1 lesson, then if Bill lets me practice on his car until I get paid again then I can go for my test.

(no subject)

May. 18th, 2006 | 12:17 am
mood: horny horny

I have my midterm on monday. Im so nervous, Ive been catching up on my reading and going over my cards. This weekend while Im at the apartment Im going to study. I cant wait for the weekend, i just want to relax. Although it hasnt been that bad, but it will be nice getting to spend some time with Bill. Were gonna rent some movies, and maybe chinese food ^_^ Ive been craving some. Well I think Im gonna sleep, im tired.

(no subject)

May. 14th, 2006 | 11:52 pm
mood: tired tired

I was pretty busy this weekend. Friday I got home in the middle afternoon, and mom and I went out right away. I had to order checks, and pick up a few things. Saturday I mailed my book that I sold on amazon. Then I went over to Walmart to get some things for the aparment. I got towels and a rug for our bathroom and a couple things for me to keep there that I'll have once I move in. I even bought a new blow dryer whcih wasnt expensive at all. THen it decided to pour and stupid me forgot it was supposed to so I had to buy an umbrealla. It took me an extra hour to get home and I was soaked.

Today was nice. I got a bunch of movies for us to watch. Walk The Line, Wedding Crashers, and Memoirs of A Geisha. They were all really good. Mom and the girls came over for dinner. It was nice seeing them. I told mom that I would give them my computer and bunk beds once I move out. I probably should have waited but, too late heh. Anyways its not that big of a deal. We had a great time, dinner was wonderful we shared some memories. I showed pictures to the girls, heard the horror stories of how AP is today. It was a nice evening. Over the summer I'll try to spend more time with them. I told them in the summer they can come over and help me sort out my stuff. I'll probably give most of it to them.

Im gonna be pulling more hours at work soon. It wont be consistent but it will definitely be helpful. My supervisor Josie is going on vacation last week in may. So filling in for her will give me alot of hours. This is good, because it means more money. Most of it is being put away for the apartment. I'll be able to put away the first couple months of rent so I have it once I get there. I like to be ahead so I know i'll be able to pay it.

So everythings going good so far. Only thing is I miss Bill, and it sucks that I gotta go to school til june. Plus I'll be starting early for next semester >_<. Anyways I had this slight feeling that something bad is going to happen. Im not paying attention to it though cause I dont believe it. I think its just me. Ive only been right twice about my instincts feeling something bad coming and its not that strong right now. So Im just gonna ignore it, sometimes i do get small feelings that are nothing.

Now im tired and I want some sleep since I gotta get up early.

(no subject)

May. 12th, 2006 | 01:27 am
mood: exhausted exhausted

Ok so its been a week here at school. So far not so bad. I talked to Mrs Trotter and I'll be doing my regular hours next week, just at different times. This is good because i'll be around during times they need me. I was talking to Mark and hes gonna be on campus so were gonna try to go lunch at some point. Bad part is I moved into St Brigid. The room they put me in is horrible. Emily says it was worse before I came in. I did manage to move mystuff in already. The only good thing about this room is I have my free cable ^_^. Poor Emily doesnt, which sucks. I do have a roomate, but I dont know who she is.

I wish I was staying at the apartment, and I miss bill. I havent talked to him. I talked to him a little yesterday. Now im exhausted, and ready to sleep